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Time for a change! “EFWMF becomes FWMF”


 Time for a change!
“EFWMF becomes FWMF”

25 years ago, EFWMF started as a network to connect, learn and exchange between European organizers and promoters of global music and cultures.

This member-driven network now has over 50 members spread out over Europe and - YES! - beyond.
Our new, mostly non-european members have opened up new and exciting opportunities for all, and have confronted us with the uselessness of eurocentricity.

Going global offers even more exciting collaborations, real connections between festivals and inspiring moments of reflection on an equal level.
Inspiration, debate on an equal level and joining forces was exactly what we needed in this challenging time.
That is why we decided to drop the “E” where it belongs: as part of history, and become a borderless network.

The FWMF now actively looks for exciting festivals worldwide who want to connect with others.

The FWMF will be at Womex (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria/Spain, october 24-28 2018)
and at Visa For Music (Rabat/Morocco, november 21-24 2018).

Feel free to visit our stand, meet some of the most exciting festivals and get involved.

More information:

Pastoorsleike 7a- 2530 Boechout - Belgium
Tel: +3234556944

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."
Nelson Mandela

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