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Great Festival-Only Meetup, Network and Share moment! @Womex


This festival-only meeting brings together festivals from all around the world to get to know and share with each other. The meeting is hosted by the Forum of Worldwide Festivals – a member driven network for 25 years, created to connect, learn and exchange between organisers and promotors of global music and local cultures. Today, 45 festivals are members and more are welcome to join. 

So if you are a festival organiser interested in new players in the festival market? Looking for colleagues in other continents? Eager for new ideas and brilliant solutions? Trying to set up festival collaborations internationally? Then you should be here! After a quick introduction you will be free to roam the room and meet your future partners in crime! 

Coordinated by Cecilia Hörnell-Sunar (Sweden) and Forum of Worldwide Music Festivals 

When: Thursday 24 Oct 2019 from  11:45 - 12:30 

Where: Conference Room 4, Riffi, Tampere Hall - Tampere Finland 



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