New Zealand Music Expo /16th-17th March 2011



Sounds Aotearoa 2011 is New Zealand's only music industry conference, expo and artist showcase all rolled up into a two-day event. The event attracts international delegates as well as music industry representatives from all over New Zealand. It is designed to facilitate exposure, networking, capacity building and business promotion. You won't find a better opportunity in New Zealand to interact with music industry professionals.  

The types of people who are likely to attend Sounds Aotearoa 2011 include: record companies, recording artists, producers and studios, festival and event reps, distribution and marketing companies, media, publicists, students, managers, agents, technicians and engineers, service providers, funding agencies... and more!

Sounds Aotearoa features a conference programme and expo during the day and artist showcases/performances in the evenings. Please visit the website for details.

Sounds Aotearoa 2011 brings together people from the whole spectrum of the music industry so if you've got goals in the national or international music scene Sounds Aotearoa in New Plymouth, Taranaki, is the place for you to be on 16 and 17 March 2011. Stay on for WOMAD New Zealand 2011 which starts the following day (18 March) and you'll experience five days of unique and outstanding music from all around the globe.

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PAMS, worth discovering

People, Ideas and Korean performing arts

The 6th Performing Arts Market in Seoul(PAMS) is held from October 11 to 15, 2010 in Seoul. As a channel for accessing performing arts of Korea and beyond, encountering people from the field, and sharing ideas and know-how, this annual international market is visited by more than 1,500 participants from Korea and abroad.  

Along with PAMS Choice showcases, booth exhibition and networking meetings, PAMS 2010 features special focus on 'Nordic Performing Arts' forum and showcases and 'Creative Cooperation: Conception to Circulation' forum.

PAMS 2010 is timed to coincide with the Seoul Performing Arts Festival, the Seoul International Dance Festival and the Theater Olympics 

Visit PAMS and broaden your discovery!
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Aug.2 - Sep.5

USD 100

On-line registration at


Sep.6 - Sep.26

USD 200


Oct.11 - Oct.15

USD 300


PAMS registration desk

National Theater Korea


Jerusalem Festival 2010: Fifteen luminous years of vibrant melodies

jerusalem Festival 2010

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In memoriam: Sten Sandahl  

Sten in loving memory 

In the early hours of June 30th 2010 Mr Sten Sandahl, after a heroic struggle with cancer, finally had to admit defeat and quietly passed on. How does one sum up a long life, what parting words best befits a sad farewell?

Sten spent most of his life in the service of music. For eight years he was a lecturer at the Department for Musicology at the University of Stockholm and then practised what he taught for twenty five years as producer at Concerts Sweden. He was also, from his early teens to his last months, an enthusiastic musician playing in a number of different constellations of Swedish jazz groups.

Throughout his years at Concerts Sweden his commitment to promoting traditional and world music will be remembered as the most dedicated effort to connect Sweden with the rest of the music world. He relentlessly worked at showcasing Swedish musicians in international arenas. He almost singlehandedly introduced, and eventually built, working networks of festival and concert promoters for world music in Sweden.

Sten was convinced that music is instrumental for man's ability to grow, develop and function as a social being and that we need to acknowledge, while embracing our global community, the values we can find in local traditions passed on from generation to generation. He thus had a particular concern that the emerging global society can result in an impoverishment of the traditional music in all cultures. He worried that old musicians die and disappear with generations of knowledge about their musical traditions without getting a chance to pass their music on to the young. And he noted that while we spend millions to save endangered species of animals, at the same time we allow amazing manifestations of culture to disappear for lack of documentation or reproduction. But Sten wasn't a man to harbour such thoughts without acting upon them. He spent a lot of time and energy on recording projects Vietnam, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Cap Verde, Ecuador, Honduras, Guatemala, Montenegro, and Macedonia, all released on the Caprice label under the humble title “Music from…”, all resulting in national and international tours for the featured artists.

But academic and professional achievements are only part of what makes a man. Sten did, (as most of us try) his best at being a loving husband and caring father. By his family – and his vast international family of friends – he will be sadly missed.

He was the proverbial man of letters and generous in sharing his thoughts, experiences and personal networks with the rest of us. He was often at the heart of social gatherings, an natural entertainer with many thoughtful observations and, on occasion, a teller of terribly, terribly bad jokes. Now his deeds are done and he has, most regrettably, moved on, leaving behind a void in the lives of many. With whom can we now have the strangely mixed discussions about music, football, bullfighting and what the drunken old Scotsman actually said to the sheep?

He was a good man and a good friend. One I feel most privileged to call my own.

Hans Hjorth


Where were you @ Amsterdam Roots Festival 2010


Amsterdam Roots Festival 2010 visited by 60,000 people. 

A long weekend with four successful nights in venues and a full open air free festival day in the Oosterpark.

The  long festival weekend started on Thursday  June 17 with a sold out show in Theatre Carré by Portuguese singer Dulce Pontes with  fado and more. The Sugar Factory hosted four young bands from Africa having their European premiere. On Friday June 20 the award winning  Staff Benda Bilili  gave a spectacular show in Paradiso. The band, some in wheelchairs, with heartwarming Rumba Congolaise conquered the Dutch public  supported by the youthful  Fatoumata Diawara, who (despite her broken foot) came, sang and conquered all.

The 13-piece band Kassav ' from the French Antilles celebrated on Saturday June 19 their 30-years anniversary during a warm, Caribbean Night in the Melkweg where a crowd of more then 1000 people enjoyed their zouk dance music.  On the second stage Asere presented a new sound by mixing Cuban son and flamenco. Earlier our 'own'  Izaline Calister warmed the audience with her charming latin-jazz from Curacao.

The Alliantie Roots Open Air free festival day on Sunday June 20 attracted about  55,000 visitors to the Amsterdam Oosterpark, where music and audience mixed  to a unique blend. It was party time with La Pegatina from Barcelona and the Colombians of Choc Quib Town, the festival hit of 2010 with their unbridled power hip hop. Highlights were Hanggai with their particular voice acrobatics from China/Mongolia, the tasteful berberrock of Amazigh and the elegant rhythms of Cape Verdean singer Lura.

Music Mayday presented their  project SKOP GAT: young South African talent meets Dutch newcomers. The Alliantie Roots on the Road showcases in two Amsterdam districts had its finale on the Ortel Mobile Urban Groove stage, where the young Afrobeat band Jungle by Night won the prestigious Alliantie Award.