EU Culture Programme: new category! 


The purpose of this strand is to support European cultural festivals with a view to:

1. encouraging exchanges of experience through the mobility of European professionals in the cultural field

2. promoting the circulation of cultural works by giving access to non-national European cultural works to the largest possible audience

3. promoting intercultural dialogue


Organisations can choose to apply for either of the following types of grant:

(a) support for one edition of the festival

(every year until 2012)

(b) support for three editions of the festival - partnership (for three years, 2011-2013)

More info on criteria and applications: :




A Call to DJs and radiomakers

The Mogadishu Music Festival

Hello DJs and radiomakers,

Since the 13th of April, broadcasting, listening and making music is forbidden in the Somali capital Mogadishu. All the local radio stations had to comply to the wishes of the Islamist militants who are controlling large parts of the country to not risk their lives. Instead of music, radio stations are playing traffic noise, sounds of the nature and gunshots to excite their listeners. The Mogadishu Music Festival is founded to speak out against this barbaric act of banning music. Mogadishu Music Festival is a fictive festival with the purpose to make people aware of these inhuman practices in Somalia. We believe there's such a thing as 'The Right to Listen Music' and that this right is being infringed in Somalia. And not only this right, but also the Freedom of Speech/Expression.

Our concrete manifestation is an international radio broadcast on the 5th of July. Radio stations participating are given songs to play, songs bands dedicated to the festival. Bands that already are 'playing' on the festival are Joanna Newsom, John Grant, De Staat and The Frames. Radio stations will play these and other songs and tell their listeners about the project. Each program is free to give a spin on the project and do it their own way.

We are speaking to Amnesty International for sponsoring and they are willing to help us. An idea is that virtual tickets will be sold and the money raised will go to Amnesty. Much bands and artists are willing to participate and have sent in songs. Radio stations participating are Radio Patapoe and Don Letts on BBC 6. 'Stichting Nedsom', a Dutch foundation who is building schools in Somalia and helping the Somali to get good quality drink water, is interested to help and many other parties like the initiative.

Want to be part of this project? Send an e-mail to! More information can be found on our website,


AWME - showcase applications

Australasian World Music Expo (Melbourne, 18 - 21 November 2010)




Time is running out! The Australasian World Music Expo (AWME) 2010 is inviting Roots, Indigenous, World, Hip-Hop, Reggae, and Electronic artists to send in applications to perform at the region’s premiere music industry and conference event, taking place in Melbourne from 18th - 21st November 2010.
Now in its third year, the Australasian World Music Expo (AWME) will once again take over Melbourne's city streets for three days and nights of the finest traditional and contemporary Indigenous, roots and world music on offer!
With two distinct components, AWME brings together industry representatives from all over the world to talk shop and sample music from the region, while also offering punters one of the most eclectic public festival programs in the country.
By day, AWME is a trade fair, which attracts prominent and influential festival bookers, talent agents, record labels and media for workshops, panel discussions and industry networking.  By night, AWME transforms a variety of Melbourne venues into a festival showcase in which delegates and music fans rub shoulders and sample some of the most exciting roots music on the planet.

Featuring more than 50 performance groupsand attracting national and international representatives, AWME aims to raise the profile and commercial opportunities for contemporary and traditional roots/world music groups from Australia, the Pacific and beyond. AWME provides artists the unique opportunity to perform to and network with music industry delegates from Europe, North America, Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

Please refer to the website for further information, criteria and details regarding the application process.


KAMS - EFWMF tour grants 

kams_eng smallThe KAMS-EFWMF Tour Grant was launched in 2010 by the European Forum of Worldwide Music Festivals (EFWMF) and the Korea Arts Management Service (KAMS). The EFWMF‘s member-festivals can apply to KAMS for the grant, and the Korean performance groups invited receive the grants including airfare and freight.

We hope that this program will contribute to promoting interaction between the EFWMF and Korean music groups by helping Korean performers establish a presence at EFWMF events and by supporting festival programs that feature Korean music.

Eight EFWMF festivals applied for the grant. The invited Korean groups include “Sonagi Project,” “Gut Performance - Mr. Dong-ho Choi,” “Dulsori,” “Be-Being” and “Ahn Sook-sun.”  

“Dulsori” has been invited to four festivals – the Czech Republic’s Colors of Ostrava (slated for July), the International Petra Festival and the Heraklion Festival in Greece, and the Roskilde Festival in Denmark – and should enhance the efficiency of Korean performers’ European tours through joint program at all four festivals.  

Sfinks Mixed of Belgium requested “Gut Performance - Mr. Dong-ho Choi” and “Ahn Sook-sun” after two years of research conducted by its art director Patrick De Groote, who visited Korea in 2009-2010. The related programs will likely be based on the director’s well-rounded understanding of Korean music and performers. “Ahn Sook-sun” will be also presented at the Brave Festival of Poland under the auspices of Sfinks Mixed.  

“Be-Being” has been invited to the Uppsala International Sacred Music Festival. Part of a Buddhist music project, it will introduce unique Korean religious music to European audiences.

Austria’s Festival Glatt&Verkehrt has invited “Sonagi Project.” The Korean production was designed specifically for this festival, which celebrates world, contemporary and jazz music. Glatt&Verkehrt promotes collaboration among musicians from all over the world through joint projects with local cellists.

The 2010 KAMS-EFWMF Tour Grant will support the aforementioned festivals and performers to contribute to their co-prosperity.


Hee-Sun Kim (Professor, Kookmin University, School of Education)

Woo-Chang Hwang (World Music Journalist)

Yeon Woo (Director of International Dep. Korea Arts Management Service)

Korea Arts Management Service


New EFWMF members in 2010


Brave Festival in Wroclaw, Poland (2 – 10 July 2010) Brave Festival, organized since 2005 by The Song of the Goat Theatre in Wroclaw, Poland, is a festival of brave people, people who speak about where they come from, what their values are and what their tradition and spirituality is. It is a festival about a world which is vanishing and will die if we do nothing to hold this process back, at least a bit. It is not about works of art, but about art through which it is possible to save and protect thousands of forgotten, abandoned and forlorn cultures and people. That is why we called it "Brave Festival - Against Cultural Exile". More info:
brave festival logo 2

Esperanzah in Floreffe, Belgium (6 – 8 August 2010) esperanzah logo 2
Esperanzah! is an invitation to dance, to dream, for people of all colours to come together with open minds, in the unique, prestigious setting of the Abbey of Floreffe, near Namur in Belgium.
Three stages will host more than 30 groups from all over the world, artists with recognised talents as well than some to be discovered.
Esperanzah! is also a friendly place to wander between the “Place aux Possibles”, the cinema festival, works of art, conferences, a kids’ village, craftsmen and world restaurants, street performers, 24-hour Radio Esperanzah!… two camping sites.
Esperanzah! is a festival which, through the mobilisation of numerous NGOs and partner associations, is committed to a different world. More info:

Uppsala International Sacred Music Festival in Uppsala, Sweden (4 – 7 November 2010)
Uppsala Konsert Kongress 2The Uppsala International Sacred Music Festival is a completely new element in the Swedish and Nordic world of music - a festival which ignores genre boundaries and looks for other points of intersection in our inward musical being, a festival devoted to spiritual music and the spirituality of music, whether sacred or profane, a festival open to music from all religions, cultures and ages. The Festival takes place at All Saints, at the end of October and beginning of November. More info:



Australasian World Music Expo in Melbourne, Australia (18 - 21 November 2010)
Now in its third year, AWME is the Australia-Pacific region's premier music industry conference and showcase of Indigenous, roots and world music, and a major event which cements Melbourne's reputation as Australia's live music capital. Bringing together musicians, industry representatives and festival audiences from across Australia and around the globe for three days of the finest music from the Australasian region and beyond. 
By day, AWME is a trade fair which attracts some of the world's most prominent and influential festival bookers, talent agents, record labels and media for workshops, panel discussions and industry networking.
By night, AWME transforms a variety of Melbourne venues into a festival showcase in which delegates and music fans rub shoulders and sample some of the most exciting world, Indigenous, roots and folk music the planet has to offer. More info:  AWME-logo-10-2

'Le Kolatier' African Music Market in Douala, Cameroon (17 - 20 November 2010) 
Every two years at Douala (Cameroon), the best musical groups from Africa and Indian Ocean, selected by a committee of professionals perform at the African music market.
Le Kolatier welcomes professionals from various countries and from every level in the music business (labels, publishers, festivals, venues, agents, institutions, journalists…). Additionally, other activities are organized during the event: tradefair, conferences, workshops, networking. The city of Douala, major entry harbour for Central Africa, offers an incomparable and wide range of cultural and culinary activities. Between two editions, Le Kolatier helps the musical groups by featuring a professional framework (promotion, training, search for opportunities of touring), in order to make them more capable of arousing the interest of festivals and venues. More info:

 kolatier logo copysmall2