The Forum of Worldwide Music Festivals (FWMF) is a network of festivals focusing on global music and local cultures. We cherish urban grooves and traditional expressions, we care for creation and for collective musical heritage  

The main focus of the FWMF is artistic. We are a member-driven network that loves to exchange music, collaborate on inspiring projects and join forces with exciting new initiatives. Our main focus is artistic. We share artists, work together as equals worldwide and are not afraid of artistic risks. Interaction and collaboration between our members are our core activities, but the FWMF also seeks to facilitate links to other festivals and networks.

Interaction and collaboration between members is the core activity, but the FWMF also seeks to facilitate links to other festivals and networks.

The network has over 50 members, representing a wide variety of music festivals. The diversity of these festivals equals this of world music: from a small scale thematic bagpipe-festival in Italy to an eclectic mega-festival of 500.00 visitors in Morocco. From Oslo/Norway to Ulsan/ South Korea, from Douala/Cameroon to Ljubljana/Slovenia: the FWMF-festivals reach more than 3 million people year after year, and are inviting hundreds of artists to its celebrations all year round.

Membership is for all festival organizers with a worldwide approach, presenting music in the area of world, ethnic, traditional, folk and roots music.

The current board is:

Cecilia Hörnell Sunar- Sweden
Brahim El Mazned - Morocco
Patrick De Groote - Belgium
Carles Sala - Spain
Erwin Schellekens - The Netherlands


Pastoorsleike 7, 2530 Boechout - Belgium

t +32 3455 6944