Want to become a member?

The FWMF consists of festival organizers producing regular worldwide musical events that fulfil a specific artistic and quality profile. Since the primary concerns of the FWMF are artistic, and artistically related issues, members are represented by their artistic director. The board decides on membership after due consultation with the members.
We are a member-driven network that loves to exchange music, collaborate on inspiring projects and join forces with exciting new initiatives. We share artists, work together as equals worldwide and are not afraid of artistic risks. 
We love the face 2 face contact with our colleagues, and cherish the complicity of friends working together. Members of the network are trustworthy, don’t have any buyer/seller relation, they are part of the same exciting global movement presenting great artists for great audiences.
Each member festival represented in the network pays an annual member fee. The level of this fee is determined each year by the Annual General Meeting. The present (2018) membership fee is 750 euros. 
In order to consider a festival as a member an application in writing must be submitted. An application form is available here. The application should also include the program of your festival over the last three years for added background. Do not hesitate to add any other relevant information. 
What do you get as a member? 

• You are part of one of the most exciting networks in music. All the FWMF-embers have open minds and ears, and they’re not looking for obvious or commercial profit. You will discover amazing artists trough our global network, you can be part of challenging artistic projects, you’re part of a warm and supporting family. 
• On different occasions you will be invited to participate in inspiring meetings organized for the members in various locations. We work together with a local friend who presents us a complete package of meetings, hotels, food and showcases. All the meetings have a formal part, but there is a lot of time for informal connections and face 2 face meetings.
• At various trade fairs you will have a preferential rate, at some of them the FWMF provides an umbrella stand for  more visibility and fun. 
• The office of the FWMF will always negotiate a preferential hotel rate during these trade fairs.
• Next to that, there are other events where the FWMF members are invited and can benefit from interesting facilities. And our members get to benefit from other offers in communication or promotion. 

What do we expect from our members? 

•  Be a friend. The network is based on trust and an open mind. Networking is a never ending dialogue, the
more you get involved, the more will come back to you. Inspire others and they will inspire you.
• Be active, share your knowledge and expertise, exchange contacts and good practices. 
• Be part of the movement. Get engaged in joint projects, set up exchanges and collaborations with artists and promoters. Surprise others and yourself.


If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact: 

Pastoorsleike 7a- 2530 Boechout - Belgium
Tel: +3234556944
E-mail: info@fwmf.world

The EFWMF Statutes are available in PDF-format here.